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St. Louis, Missouri!

St. Louis, Missouri!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St Patricks Day

St. Patricks Day is tomorrow and I am so excited. My mom, my aunt, and myself are going to lunch at our favorite little pub, Growlers for our Corn beef and Cabbage and Guinness! Then later that evening, I am gonna be back at Growlers with some girlfriends. The kiddos are out at the Grandparents doing St. Paddy's day celebrations with them! St. Patricks Day is my favorite holiday because it celebrates my Irish heritage. Everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patricks Day! LOL! March is also Irish/American History month! I named my son Patrick because he was born in March (not on March 17th, but the 21st). I am actually about 50/50 Irish and German, but I take more claim to the Irish side cause well, the Irish are more fun! LOL!

St. Patrick was a English born man when England was ruled by the Roman Empire. He was taken as a slave by the Romans, which is when he first went to Ireland. Years later, he was a priest and in a vision from God was told that he was to return to Ireland and preach the gospel of Jesus to the pagans! He obeyed and pretty much converted the entire island to Christianity. The Irish honor St. Patrick as their patron saint. The reason we celebrate St. Patricks Day in America is because of all the millions of Irish immigrants that came here during the "Great Potato Famine" of Ireland the late 1800's. I read that 70% of Americans claim some Irish ancestry in their lineage! So, it doesn't surprise us that St. Patricks Day is so popular here! Green is worn on St. Patricks Day and most people don't realize that Green actually represent the Catholic faith, whereas Orange is the color for the Protestants. In America though, the green is really a symbol of all things Irish, no matter what your faith is. She shamrock (3 leaf clover) was first used by St. Patrick to describe the Holy Trinity. The 4 leaf clover, which is exclusive to Ireland is for good luck!

Ok, done with the history lesson! Happy St. Patricks Day!

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