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St. Louis, Missouri!

St. Louis, Missouri!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Today we got 12 inches of snow. Tonight and tomorrow, they are calling for the coldest temps in 20 years. Negatives! I hate Winter. When I was a kid, I loved snow. But, as I grew up, I realized it's just a pain. Having kids makes me appreciate it a little. I hate driving in it or being cooped up. I hate the freezing temps. It hurts my bones. However, in times like this, I think of the people who don't have warm, cozy houses to be in and hot food to eat. I used to volunteer at a local food pantry and got to see first hand, the need.  I want to get out and help these folks again! I want my kids to help cause they tend to take it all for granted. The have no clue that people don't have heat and food!

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