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St. Louis, Missouri!

St. Louis, Missouri!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My trip

Haven't blogged in awhile, been kinda busy! I am leaving for North Carolina on Thursday! I am going for 6 days! No husband, no kids! I gonna be spending time with some girlfriends from high school! We are renting a condo at the beach! I am so excited! I so need a break! My life has been very crazy! I need a break from the kids and my mom so bad. My aunt is actually taking my mom to Tulsa for the weekend to see family, so that will be great too! This trips is my bday present from my sweet hubby! Well, Mothers Day and Bday combined! I told him I didn't want anything for my bday except to see Abby and Becca, who I have been best friends with since 6Th grade! I get a bonus by seeing 3 of my other high school buds as well! I hope to come back recharged and refreshed...and tan! LOL!

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